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Within seconds of dropping the candies into the soda, a huge geyser would erupt from the bottle.Lesson Overview Learners become hooked on science when mentos candies are dropped into soda and cause a huge eruption.When you pour some soda into a glass, some gas escapes and forms foam, but most stays trapped by the surface tension of the water.The Mentos Geyser became one of my featured demonstrations both on television and during my live stage presentations.Be sure that the soda bottles are all the same brand and type.

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Extra: Do this activity again but instead of testing whole Mentos versus crushed, compare warm versus cold Diet Coke.Many soda geyser-ologists believe that seven Mentos produce the highest-shooting geyser.This experiment is fun and exciting and it has made us wonder about the science behind it.Quickly pull out the flat index card, releasing the Mentos candies into the bottle.You can also place the bottle of unopened soda in a bucket of warm water.

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Why do the bubbles form on the different things you put in the soda.Use your data from the previous test to determine the standard number of Mentos to use for this test.

Using any more than seven Mentos is just a waste, according to these soda-soaked science enthusiasts.You can try testing different kinds of carbonated beverages, different kinds of candies with different shapes and textures or using other things to start the reaction, like rock salt, pennies or dice.This is a fun science experiment that shoots out a column of foam.Soda pop is made of sugar or artificial sweetener, flavoring, water, and preservatives.Diet Coke and Mentos- Geyser Optimization Matt Nabity and Elizabeth Untiedt Interdisciplinary Lesson Middle School, Grade 8 Duration: One 90-minute block and one 45.

This science demonstration was popular among chemistry teachers back in the 1980s using a roll of Wintergreen LifeSavers and a pipe cleaner.Position the bottle on the ground so that it will not tip over.

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The key is to keep every launch fair and to make sure the only variable is the temperature of the soda.I have listed four sources of information about the physical reaction.The simplest method is to let the unopened bottle sit in the sun for several hours.

These tiny pits act as nucleation sites—perfect places for CO 2 bubbles to form.In colder liquids the gas molecules move very slowly, causing them to diffuse out of the solution much more slowly.Within the next 12 months, over 800 Mentos Geyser-related videos were posted on YouTube, making the demo one of the most popular pop-culture science experiments in recent history.

As the molecules move faster, they diffuse out of the liquid, leaving less gas dissolved in that liquid.The chemical reactions involved in dropping mentos candies into a bottle of diet coke. mentos are basic, and the experiment.This activity is probably best done outside in the middle of an abandoned field or on a huge lawn.

What is the best number of Mentos to use to make the highest-shooting geyser.By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and let your likes appear on your timeline.The next few months were spent building trigger devices ranging from plastic tubes with sliding doors to magnets that held metal stoppers in place to an elaborate battery-operated switch that was triggered by a motion detector.

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For example, adding salt to soda causes it to foam up because thousands of little bubbles form on the surface of each grain of salt.

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The winning Geyser Tube design was a clear plastic tube with a special fitting that twisted onto any soda bottle.

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You could use a beaker or a graduated cylinder to measure the remaining liquid in milliliters.If you videotaped the reactions, you can watch your videos now.The question was asked on a special College Week episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

These are CO 2 bubbles leaving the soda and attaching themselves to the object.What causes diet coke to It is well documented that Mentos and Diet Coke will cause an eruption of soda.This is because the Diet Coke, Different.Why do Mentos turn ordinary bottles of diet soda into geysers of fun.

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