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Request for information, proposal, or quotation ( x is a placeholder).Contract clause which richly rewards a key employee in the case of termination.

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Glossary of business and management terms The following terms are in everyday.

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View by staff who actually do the work (cf. 30,000 foot view).Find out how you can push the boundaries and who will be inspiring you.OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT GLOSSARY. not include sales and marketing, engineering,. host of other terms and conditions.


The intended audience for an ad, usually defined in terms of specific demographics.A system, process, department, etc. that operates in isolation from others.Programs There are many ways we impact on business and inspire you to challenge convention.To meet up with a colleague to discuss progress (from baseball).The terms in this glossary have been carefully selected from the myriad of terms one can.Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms File C6-30. section is a glossary of computer terms, and the second is a glossary of. grain marketing strategies based.Previous corresponding period (Used when comparing sales over corresponding periods).

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Show a united front, or everyone understanding and saying the same thing to customers or.Providing a product or service which makes everyone happy, particularly both buyer and seller.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Many of these describe processes and platforms that we use all.Here is a glossary of marketing terms. See also: Glossary of internet marketing terms.

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Strategic Market Planning Subliminal Perception T Tag line Target Audience Target Market Target Market Identification U Unique Selling Proposition V Values and Lifestyles (VALS) Research Vehicle Vertical Publications Vision W Word of Mouth Advertising Wear Out Word Painting.Idealistic or visionary ideas, not always with practical application (source: BBC).

Marketing dictionary. Select a letter to find terms listed alphabetically.Any aspect of an object that differentiates it from similar objects.

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