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As a result, their authentic cultures were drastically changed from the way of life in their native Africa to life in the plantation society of the Americas.Olaudah Equiano and his Role in the Abolition of Slavery in Africa.However, he was soon roused along with the rest of the crew by cries that the ship was being destroyed.Equiano became one of the many men, women and children kidnapped and sold as slaves to the western world.As an 18th century narrative written by a former black slave the novel provides a glimpse into the lives of the African slaves involved in the slave trade as well as the slave traders themselves.After ten years of enslavement throughout the North American continent, where he assisted his merchant slave master and worked as a seaman, Equiano bought his freedom.Our African American texts call for close examination of the status of slaves and subsequent generations of free Blacks, how they fit into American society, and their quest for and denial of the benefits of Americanism.While written with an adolescent audience in mind, Octavian Nothing offers great insight to the transitional period between racial attitudes in American society for all readers.He spoke English very well and desired to adjust his manners, spirit, and movement to those of the Europeans.

The ships engaged each other furiously, but the French line was ultimately broken and the English claimed three major prizes.Equiano was happy to reunite with the widow (her husband had since died) and her daughter, but had to bid them goodbye again when the ships sailed to Portsmouth.Think about this rather surprising statement: It has been suggested that Olaudah Equiano may not have.They are not only good at manufacturing, but also trading and they even have their own currency.They would use their slaves as a material item and not think of them as a person.

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In his earliest years, Olaudah Equiano was trained in the art of war.During his time serving Pascal, Equiano was trained in seamanship, and sent to school to learn to read and write.

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The fleet remained in this area for a bit, then sailed to Basse-road, where it remained from June until the next February.It was not an easy feat to accomplish, lasting close to 20 years and there were many obstacles faced throughout the period.During the 19th century, Christianity was the center of European life and society.

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When Equiano is at sea with Pascal, he fashions for himself an identity as a protagonist, one that would exemplify the traits of an African hero.The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, the African.

Equiano was shocked at the accusation, but once he gathered his senses, he insisted to Pascal that the law ensured him his freedom.Throughout American Literature, religious ideologies and philosophies influenced the way that writers portrayed the time period, characters, feelings, and God.Before completing his book, Engels visited Karl Marx, a former editor for the German newspaper Rheinische Zeitung.

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Olaudah Equiano was amongst the few who were able to contrive a plan of action to overcome the torments of slavery and experience a life of freedom, out of slavery.It reveals the way the slaveholders detested and ill-treated them.

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He was whipped after he refused his masters who offered him eatables.These foreign men were always trying to come over and steal us, most of the time we were able to group together to fight them off.As their friendship deepened, they went on to publish several books including The Communist Manifesto, a manual on socialism, which Engels is also acknowledged for today.

For example: choice of diction, modes of discourse, and figurative language.Slavery existed centuries before the birth of Equiano (1745), but strengthened drastically due to an increasing demand for labor in the developing western hemisphere, especially in the Caribbean and Carolinas.Slaves were subject to the most horrible conditions and punishments then delivered for erratic and wrong reasons.Slavery was widely practiced in many other countries, including, Korea, India, Greece, Mexico and Africa. (Britannica 288-89).This journey depicts the experience of the slaves on their path to North America.He talks of a temporary being a slave of the chieftain expressing his admiration for the delightful country.When Equiano arrived at Spithead to join its crew, he learned that the ship was intended for the Mediterranean.A few years later, Equaino was sold to a Philadelphia Quaker, Robert King.

Another way that Equiano successfully establishes credibility, relates to his audience, and eliminates general stereotypes is by demonstrating strong Christian values.

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The author has written with a certain willingness that would appeal to the reader emotionally.He was afraid at first, but soon sloughed off his caution to embrace his role.This detrimental behavior resulted from the artificial levitation of the white man over black.In the slave narrative, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, The African, the capture of Africans, their ultimate enslavement in the Americas, the West Indi.Through his use of diction, verb tense, and the consciousness of his target audience, Equiano creates a realistic description of slave life that is both powerful and informative.Goods were brought to Africa in order to trade with the Africans.These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano.Assimilation of Blacks in Song of Solomon, Push and Life of Olaudah Equiano.

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