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I just got involved with a new startup,, which is looking for early adopters, for its January 2015 launch.

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Here are a few samples of things that you can write for money: Writing Articles.Sometimes you need to write posts like this, that you need to bookmark and check it later.Excellent information for freelance writers and bloggers.this is two way beneficial first to make money and second one is good backlink for bloggers.

I also compiled a list of websites that actually pay upfront.You can easily contribute great content and get exposure for your work while at the same time getting paid.

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I will categorize the whole list and will remove all the sites that are obsolete.And if there is anything else then let me know and I will be glad to help.I stumbled upon once and I have been stumbling upon ever since.The best pitch happens when you do it manually by finding a blog that you think is the best place to contribute content.

The Daily Heckle is a blog for bloggers who want to get paid for sharing their opinions.If you lie on the application they will eventually find out and you will not get paid for your work.Maintain an author Web site with a blog and up-to-date news of your publications.We publish lists that intrigue and educate, specializing in the bizarre or lesser-known trivia.As I have already mentioned, my idea was to highlight some websites so that it can act as a starting point to wanna-be writers.

Themeforest is currently one of the leading authorities in the web design space.These websites are not just good source of income but means a lot to get a post published helping contributors to get a link back to their sites.A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.Developer Tutorials also allows you a bio with a link back to your blog.Am just a beginner in this field and am sure I will get somewhere. Well done.You are a man of value this is definitely valuable to writers. Thank you.Understanding your own talents will help you target card companies that produce relevant card collections.I am so sick of all that and starting to write for good pay only now and, just tell those cheap people to knock some other doors.Perhaps you enjoy developing funny quips, for example, or consider yourself gifted at composing meaningful poetry.

Maybe you work in computer programming, or have learned how to provide restricted-diet foods for your family.Grasslimb is a twice-yearly literary journal featuring prose, poetry and artwork.Whether you have just dropped out from the workforce, are a full-time housewife struggling.

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One thing to note about Dollar Stretcher is that they only pay for articles for print publication, not for online publication.I agree there is probably only a very small amount of opportunity for new writers, regardless of talent, to break into this field.InstantShift is a popular design and programming blog that pay you for articles based on the quality of the article submitted.Emphasize your Web writing experience, if you have it, and include any personal referrals you can muster.

Web AppStorm, iPhone AppStorm, iPad AppStorm, Android AppStorm, and Windows AppStorm.Actually I first compiled this list for fun and to help a friend to find good paying writing gigs.I, too, have started contributing some articles of my own for an online column.

One manufacturer may be in particular need of rhymed poetry for sentimental cards, for example, while another might have a word limit for humorous text.

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But you know, one big challenge is that most of these sites use paypal.From there, you will be better off pitching the best article ideas—and you will also find out if the idea you want to share has been used recently.Your enthu reveals that you are one of the promoters of writer bay LOL.Writing can be a rewarding way of using your creative skills both for personal fulfillment and to earn money.You may be willing to write for less, for example, if you are just starting out or if a job takes minimal time and effort.

This is definitely food for thought and maybe a little extra money.In the articles above all those should be filtered out like for ecopywriters work is only for US citizen,for some UK.I am from india,sir.what would be helpful in your articles that I can make money online from india.waiting with eager.Sometimes, getting your name in print has more of an effect on your career than just the money.Hi, I need to find a regular writer to concentrate on my news section on the website.

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices and valuable resources.You can also do this query directly on Google search by using the search operator: allintitle.If you want to make more money writing and expand your writing horizons, think about penning short nonfiction pieces for outlets seeking good work.The first time I tried looking for a writing job, I went to Odesk.

They completely copied the rules section off of some of the other sites listen here.BootsnAll provides inspiration and resources to get you on the road.

If I am writing useful, resourceful and most important interesting content than sooner or later my site will naturally rank even on the city name.The goal is to break in, and then use your success and accomplishments to get bigger, better assignments.I looked into this years ago, reading lots of freelance books and articles but sort of drifted away and got into my graphic design more.Generating a steady stream of quality publications will help you make a name for yourself in the self-publishing market.How do I go about selling myself and my writing without the credentials.I recommend this only for writers with a strong background in writing academic essays.Thank you very much for sharing such an much needed information.

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